Carpet Cleaning

At Smith Bros, we recognize the importance of quality carpet cleaning. Some commercial cleaners are content using basic household vacuums—that’s not the case at Smith Bros. We use only the most efficient methods available to ensure client satisfaction: machine bonnet cleaning and truck-mounted steam cleaning.

Machine bonnet cleaning is effective, quick, and fast drying. In this method, the carpet is covered in a cleaning solution designed to pick up all dirt and dust. The solution is then soaked into cotton or synthetic bonnets as the machine spins. The bonnet cleaning method is one of the most aggressive cleaning methods and picks up much more dirt than a traditional vacuum would, leaving offices in top condition. Bonnet cleaning is also a very efficient method because the carpets are fast drying. Many wet cleaning methods take over twelve hours to dry, making offices unusable first thing in the morning. However, with a machine bonnet carpet cleaning system, entire office buildings can be cleaned in a short amount of time, and the carpets dry in just half an hour.

While a machine bonnet carpet cleaning system is ideal for offices and other carpeted areas requiring regular cleaning, a truck-mounted steam cleaning system is even more effective. This method is often considered the best way to get carpets ultra clean. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning system is designed to clean even the dirtiest carpets. After a cleaning solution is applied, carpets are thoroughly rinsed with hot water from the truck-mounted system. All dust, mold, and bacteria are literally flushed out of the carpets, leaving them clean as new. Although it is certainly the most effective method, truck-mounted steam cleaning does take a significant amount of time to dry, so it is not ideal for high-traffic areas and is best to use when the building is closed for a day.