Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Suites: Supporting Your Business

Lack of attention to cleaning can hurt your business. Not only are sloppy surroundings a real turnoff to customers, but the neglect of effective and regular sanitation can hurt your employees and tenants. Desks and doorknobs are now known to be the breeding places for germs that can lead to contagious illness and more sick days among employees.

You can trust Smith Brothers to bring proven professional cleaning to your office. We know how to make your office space sparkle and keep the germs at bay. Let us worry about the details so that you don't have to.

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Manufacturing: Making Your Plant Better

Improving the cleanliness of your factory could lead to more business. Even if your production capability is competitive, clients also look at the cleanliness of potential sites when ranking their choices of vendors. Manufacturers that neglect the details of cleaning may appear to be careless in other areas that are important to clients.

Smith Brothers provides professional commercial cleaning on a scheduled basis that will keep your facility in top form at all times. We have the expertise and employees to take the cleaning worry off your hands and let you concentrate on your business.

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Education: Meeting the Challenges

The safety and health of students is a major concern for both parents and school administrators. Properly managing the cleaning and sanitation of an educational building is a huge challenge, and keeping up with health regulations and best practices can be a time-consuming endeavor for already overburdened employees.

Professional commercial cleaning by Smith Brothers can bring quick, effective answers to the problems that face school administrators about cleaning and safety for both students and employees. Rely on the experts when health is at stake—cleaning is our expertise.

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Medical Facilities have very particular requirements for appearance and sanitation. Patients and visitors to medical offices and facilities expect every nook and corner to be spotless. They are also concerned about avoiding contagion from surfaces, equipment and furniture. Touch points in medical areas and visitor areas must be treated with products that clean and sanitize.

Smith Brothers Maintenance can effectively apply sanitizing products, cleaning techniques and well-trained personnel to a customized cleaning program that serves the needs of our medical clients and their patients. We can use a combination of regular and specialized cleaning procedures to perform routine and major cleaning activities.

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Specialty: Providing Expertise and Experience

For those business and non-profit entities that require highly specialized janitorial programs, SmithBros can provide highly customized services that cover indoor and outdoor areas. Examples of Specialty Environments include:

• Senior Living Communities

• Condo/HOA Common Areas

• Property Management Maitenance

• Government Facilities

You can depend on Smith Brothers professional commercial cleaning to handle the toughest cleaning challenges. Our employees have thorough, state-of-the-art training and extensive experience to handle both standard cleaning requirements and highly customized maintenance programs. We use superior and ecologically-friendly cleaning products. We can quickly tackle the difficult and time-consuming cleaning chores that may be draining your time and resources.

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Churches: Looking Your Best

If you’re tired of trying to hunt down a qualified cleaning team to help keep your place of worship looking pristine, Smith Bros is here to help. Our highly trained, professional staff offers cost-effective expertise and flexible scheduling.

Smith Brothers specializes in small business cleaning and church business is important to us. We'll devote the individual time and attention needed to make your building a good reflection of your ministry.

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Retail: Supporting Customer Retention

First impressions matter to your customers. Smith Brothers professional quality cleaning can ensure that no detail is overlooked in making your retail space looks its best, helping you retain the customers who walk through your doors. Regularly scheduled professional cleaning tailored to your establishment puts you ahead of the competition every time.

We have the expertise, resources, and employees to make sure your cleaning is done efficiently, thoroughly, and cost-effectively. Count on us to help your business succeed.

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