Competitive Prices

At Smith Bros, we always offer our customers competitive prices on our wide range of services. A one-stop shop for your company’s janitorial needs—from cleaning carpets and removing trash to stripping floors and washing windows—we offer reasonable prices and efficient service, saving you both time and money.

We are Small and Local

Small, local businesses are the most inexpensive to run, resulting in competitive prices and customer savings. Owner and operator, Luke Smith, acts as supervisor and manager, which helps the company stay small and keep costs low. Having no royalty, marketing or accounting fees is another way we are able to pass the savings onto our customers. Because we are local with local suppliers, costs are reduced even further.

We Offer Flexibility

We understand that each business has specific janitorial service needs, so we make an effort to be as flexible as possible. We offer month-to-month pricing agreements and long-term arrangements, as well as flexible scheduling, allowing clients to adjust their services as their needs change.

We Offer Efficiency

Our efficient cleaning crews make it possible for us to offer competitive pricing. Our perfect customer service record gives us confidence that our cleaning crews will do the job right the first time, allowing us to keep our prices low.

We Match Prices

Even if you think you’re already getting the best deal on your commercial cleaning, talk to one of our customer service representatives. We will match or beat your current service agreement, while providing superior service.