Flood and Mold

Smith Bros Maintenance refers Left Coast Restoration Inc. to all their clients for any flood or mold services. Smith Bros feels very confident referring Left Coast Restoration Inc. because they are licensed (B Lic. # 961650), experienced, and trusted in the community. Contractor Thomas Gore specializes in flood and mold remediation and he has a perfect track record in resolving mold issues.

Previously a non-issue, mold is now a hot-button topic whose public awareness has risen significantly over the years. In addition to its potential for causing health problems and significant property damage, mold is a highly litigious issue resulting in multimillion dollar lawsuits. At Left Coast Restoration Inc., we work hard to rid your business of this dangerous and costly problem.

Because the potential dangers of airborne mold are so serious, you should always hire a professional to deal with mold remediation. Our highly trained professionals understand the seriousness of mold abatement and will adhere to strict guidelines when removing the mold from your place of business. The goal of mold remediation is to fix the water or moisture issue causing the mold problem while removing and thoroughly cleaning mold-contaminated materials is such a way that prevents mold and mold-contaminated dust from leaving the work area and spreading into yet contaminated areas.

Flooded areas need specialized attention as well, so that they do not develop into greater (moldy) issues. Whether due to a broken water pipe or a cracked drain line, if not properly addressed, even a small amount of water can cause damage. Left Coast Restoration Inc. is here to help you in every step of the process, from emergency water removal to structural drying.