Frequently Asked Questions

Will my carpets take long to try?

For residential locations, our steam cleaning does take an extended amount of time to try. However, for the best clean possible, steam cleaning is the only way to go! For commercial buildings, our machine bonnet cleaning will dry carpets in as little as 30 minutes!

What about area rugs? Can you clean those?

We are happy to clean area rugs! Area rugs are considered an additional "small room" and can be selected in our online booking system!

Will you move furniture?

Yes. We do not charge additionally for moving light furniture. We carefully move any items and will put them back in their proper places once the cleaning is complete. However, to make the cleaning process as easy as possible, we recommend removing any furniture from the area before we arrive.

Do I need to vacuum my carpets before they are cleaned?

While it is not required, we recommend you vacuum the carpets prior to the cleaning for the best result possible.

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