Strip and Wax

It’s our mission at Smith Bros to keep your floors in prime condition. Bacteria, mold, and dust in flooring pollute the air and can be harmful to your employees. Additionally, a clean work environment will keep customers satisfied with the image of your business.

Most businesses use vinyl composite tile (VCT) for their flooring because of its durability. Vinyl composite tile is well suited for high-traffic areas, like grocery stores, offices, and retail spaces. Durable as it is, the gloss on the tiles’ surface will wear down in high-traffic areas. Wood flooring needs special care to remain in good condition. Wood flooring needs to be protected from spills that can stain the wood or even ruin it. Frequent cleaning will prevent dust and dirt from building up and will keep the flooring polished and glossy. While people might not notice that the floor needs to be waxed and buffed, they will certainly notice that it looks dingy and dirty. Something seemingly insignificant is actually a large part of a company’s image, and can affect sales and customer satisfaction.

At Smith Bros, we do more than just clean your floors. We take pride in stripping, scrubbing, sealing, waxing, and buffing vinyl and wood flooring to keep your business looking its best. When new flooring is put in, we make sure to seal it for maximum protection, and when flooring is soiled or damaged, we machine strip and wax it until it shines like new. Our team uses the best equipment, including a high-speed floor burnisher, to make sure that floors are well cared for.

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