Tile and Grout

Many high traffic areas have tile products for their durability and appearance under varying types of foot traffic. Tile flooring typically wears quite well over years of usage. However, due to the nature of tile grout, many high-traffic areas often become unsightly and unsanitary. Even with the best grout sealers, tile grout remains porous which promotes absorption of liquids, chemicals, dirt and germs. The very nature of typical foot and equipment traffic in these areas can accelerate absorption and discoloration. SmithBros has the expertise, equipment and products to clean, restore and reseal grout in high-traffic areas such as:

• Facility entryways
• Interior walkways
• Kitchen areas and break rooms
• Laboratory areas
• Restrooms

Heavy traffic tile areas in commercial environments can be particularly susceptible to grout absorption of liquids, dirt and stains. To clean these areas, SmithBros uses commercial grade cleaning solutions, agitation equipment and steam extraction to remove embedded dirt and stains. Periodic grout cleaning can keep these traffic areas in a state that is pleasing to employees and clients.

SmithBros Maintenance would be pleased to provide effective tile and grout cleaning as a component of a complete janitorial program that also addresses the cleanliness of hard flooring and carpets.